More funding for palliative care

The demand for palliative care services continues to rise, however NSW does not have enough specialist palliative care physicians, registrars, nurses or allied health staff to manage the increasing need.

In September 2013, Minister Skinner announced the roll-out of $35 million enhancement funding for community-based palliative care services across NSW over the next three years as well as an extra 30 specialist palliative care nurses at a cost of $3 million per annum commencing 2013/14[1]. While this is a good start it is highly unlikely that this amount will be enough to address gaps in community-based specialist palliative care.

CCNSW calls on the NSW government to work closely with lead agencies, such as Palliative Care NSW, to ensure that services are appropriate and equitable. CCNSW also supports retired palliative care specialist Dr Yvonne McMaster in her campaign for more specialist palliative care funding so that people who want to, are able to stay at home to die, and the number of expensive hospital admissions and often unnecessary treatments are decreased.  Dr McMaster is continuing to seek more signatures to a public petition as evidence of the community’s continuing concern.

We need to ensure politicians understand that the funding announced by Minister Skinner’s last September is only a start to filling the gap in palliative care in NSW. Tell your local MP that more funding for palliative care is necessary in order to support people approaching the end of their lives, and their families.




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[1] Minister Jillian Skinner. Media Release: $35 million for community-based palliative care services across NSW. 12 Sept 2013

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