Car Parking at Treatment Centres

At some cancer treatment centres in NSW, parking is so difficult that patients must be left at the entrance while their partner, carer or friend drives some distance to find a park. This can be stressful for everyone, and it adds to the burden experienced by those who are physically or emotionally frail after receiving treatment.

In addition it costs a lot to park in some hospitals,. particularly near the major cancer treatment centres in metropolitan Sydney.

Frustratingly, parking arrangements vary greatly between centres and there is a lack of information about what is available.

Better access to easy parking could immediately improve quality of life for cancer patients, and reduce financial, physical, practical and psychological stress on patients and carers.

Help us ensure all cancer treatment centres make sufficient provision for dedicated spaces and affordable car parking for cancer patients.

Make contact with your local cancer advocacy network to find out if you can join a campaign to improve car parking at cancer treatment centres in your area. Email us to find out more or tell us about your parking experience. 



Briefing Paper: Car Parking at Treatment Centres [PDF]
Report: Car Parking for Cancer Patients in NSW [PDF]
ARTICLE: Hospital parking gouge costs patients, visitors and staff $24 million a year  [23.1.14]


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    Louise Vidler November 9, 2012

    When my mother was hospitalised at RPA in January 2012, we did not find out about subsidised car parking until a month or so after my father and I had spent enormous sums on car parking on a daily basis. My father was delighted to receive not only a car parking ticket entitling him to free parking but also for the $250 petrol voucher. This took a little of the sting out of the financial burden at the time.

    Any ease of any burden at this time is a true gift!

    I would love to see people informed of this at the time of being admitted to an oncology ward.

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